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Ueda's Fermentation SystemuRebornv

(June 2000)

All organic matters are compostized and, it will make a rich firm ground.
A simple design made it possible to complete a decomposition fermentation processing in high-heatiover 85cj, and short timei90 min).
The Reborn fermentation system reduces a cost of running since it does not require to burn.

Body width 1100mm@
height 1870mm
Very functional but simple and comfortable

  1. Reborn fermentation is an answer to the dioxin problem, because of no burnning is involved.
  2. No bad odor, rotting or flies are produced due to high heat(over 80 degree) in fermentation of decomposing process.
  3. Management is easy and breakdowns are very rare.
  4. Compared to other similar machines, Reborn is very cheap to implement.
  5. Reborn produces a good fermentation-process for garbage, animal wastes, used diapers, paper, cartons, seaweed and any other organic materials.
  6. Very adequate for environmental studies and recycling studies.

  • Septic tank sludge, livestock feces and urine, etc, can be composted by the same process as a kitchen gerbage.
  • Since fermentation temperature will be 80 degrees C or more, all sources of a disease germ, a noxious insect, and weeds etc, become extinct, and serve as a good compost starter.
  • Since there are not a bad smell after processing and decay during processing, it is not necessary to worry about surrounding environment's concern. Also, deodorization equipment is not necessary because of high-speed and high temperature fermentation.
  • The compost, that went through the fermentation process at least once, will have a capability of the fermentation by itself (without any aids.) Because of the reason, if the compost is mixed with other compost and manure, the whole ground and compost will be high-quality.
  • The duration of a secondary fermentation process will be differed with the plants.
  • The compost is well effective for any plant that needs well nutrition from the soil. The good example is demonstrated to tree plantings of all places, such as parks, road shoulders, and golf courses. In addition, it is also effective for recovering the power of soil, and developing a farmland from a wasteland.

A Growth experiment of 100 day grass
Left FOnly regular fertilizer
Right FYuimaru 50% {regular fertilizer 50%

  • The difference of growth appeared in one week from the initial use of Yuimaru.
  • A leaf is larger and color is more clear than left- side of glass.
  • Yuimaru was maintaining more moisture than left-side of fertilizer.

  • Substituting to a planter.
  • The size of a flower is also considerably different.

The Contribution to Organic Resouces Recycling Date, Noboru, Ph.D.,
Executive Directer of Foundation Agricultural Technology Association.
@Although, localy, recycling an organic resouces, reproduction of a living thing, and environmental preservation is the important key technology, in order to be established as a system, we need more simple and low cost fermentation processing equipment.
@Ueda's fermentation system (REBORN) is one of the best equipment for these, because of his compost base, itself, is an organic matter that is made from house waste and agricultural colony drainage sluge, and also, his equipment is low-cost and very simple.
@Needless to say, Ueda's fermentation system is design for the first phase of composting process. I wish for the user's understanding for it. Lastly, I am hoping his new progress and recommending his system for many of potential users.

Recommended for Potential Institutions
  1. A Hospital, health institution for elderly people, and special nursing home.
  2. Public schools that have a facility for providing a meal for many students.
  3. Motels hotels that have over 100 rooms.
  4. Large size restaurant that makes over 30 kg of kitchen garbage per day.
  5. The livestock breeder.
  6. The compost and fertilizer company.
  7. Public incineration place that wants to prevent a dioxin.
  8. Large farms, andorganic farms,.
  9. The tourist industry, detached island district community.
  10. Housing complex of over 100 households and city type of apartments.

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