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3.Using a Pyrodictium bacteria(over 100 Dgrees C),High Speed Fermenter
1)Our Lower Cone Shaped Fermenter under the complete insulation
For decreasing diffuseness of heat from the fermenter, we covered it with a heat insulator,

<1>Fermentation temperature reached 80 degrees C in 60 minutes.(compared with no-insulation, 30 to 60 min faster.)
<2>Increasing the area of insulation, the temperature reached 100 degrees C in 75 minutes.

In the pressure of the atomosphere, when fermentation temperature became 100 degrees C, from the gap between a lid and a tub, the steam started to diffuse and also, the temperature stopped to increase.

2)Relationship between a single material, adjustment of moist, and fermentation bacteria
(1)Sawdust(Decomposition of Cellulose)
<1>Experimentation with brand new fermenter

It is easy to assume that old prototype fermenter has a bacteria on the tub that has came from past usage of it, but in case of using brand new fermenter, the possibility would be zero.
The reason that the temperature raise without fermentation bacteria, it is better to think about a bacteria that sawdust originaly has than the heat of inside friction.
The temparature of sawdust was stable at 55 degree C. Adding a water, the temperture of fermentation begun to raise until 75 degrre C.

The color of sawdust cannot be obtained by only simple heating. From this aspect, raising a fermentation temperature is not a friction from mixing.

<2>Experimetation with old fermenter
The rate of raise of fermentation temperature is below;
(Sawdust, moisture, and fermentation bacteria) > (Sawdust and Moisture) > (Sawdust alone).

In the experimentation of (Sawdust { Moisture { Fermentation bacteria), every 30 minutes, we took out a fermented sawdust.

The chage of sawdust is below, and it can be assumed that the decomposition of cellulose.

(2)Kitchen wastes(Organic matters with high rate of moisture)
<1>Kitchen waste and Sawdust as an aid.

Only kitchen waste alone, the fermentation temperature did not raise enough to consider. After adding a sawdust, we could find a raise of temperature. At the moment, the rate of moisture of kitchen waste was at 79%.

<2>Kitchen waste {fermentation bacteria {Smashed carton box

A smashed carton box did work as same as a sawdust for the aid to manage a moisture.

<3>Kitchen waste {fermentation bacteria {paper as an aid

The paper did work as same as a sawdust to manage the moisture.

Paper weight/Capacity (kg/100L)








Smashed Carton Box







Shredder Paper







Kitchen garbage + fermentation material + auxiliary material (crush disposable diaper)

Using a diaper for a material, we found the possibility of unused absorption material (polymer). Thus, we started fermenting with 14% of sawdust for managing the rate of moisture. As a result, the diaper cannot be a moiste managing material for a kitchen waste fermentation.
Usually, if we add a sawdust into process and use a kitchen waste alone as a material, with 30% of moist management material, fermentation temperature becomes normal temperature. But it did not show any changes when the rate between kitchen waste and sawdust was 30 %. When the rate became 40%, fermentation temperature reached normal. As we conclude of a usage of a diaper, a diaper cannot be a material for managing a moisture. As a contrast, we needed 10kg of sawdust as a material to manage a moisture for fermenting 90kg of diaper.

<5>The ratio of a kitchen garbage (fermentation material + moisture regulation material)

(3)Carton Box
It is difficult a carton box alone to reach at 80 degree C, but adding a same amout of water, carton box fermentation reached at 100 degree C.
If we do not open the lid and left a material inside the fermenter, the fermentation temperature actually raised. Under 100 degrees C of temperature, it is possible to consider that extinction of bacteria, and weaken the power of fermentation but mostly these are denied.

(4)Various types of paper (shredders and dust of paper)
Using same amount of paper and moisture as a material, fermentation temperature reached at 100 degree C.

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