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High-speed,fermentaion machine with hyperthermophiles(over 100 degrees C)


The fermentation that is using a super high heat living bacteria, which lives in over 100 degrees C by fermenting heat, is only a subject in research project. Thus, it is not ready for industrial use and purposes. Such a bacteria that is subject of reaserch is discovered from a volcanic hot springs and a deep sea that produces a high heat hydro-eruption.
By improving our bacteria that helps a fermentation process and our fermentation machine, we succeeded to find out this result. Within 1.5 hour, fermantation heat exceeded 100 degrees C and after the initial hour, fermentation heat still kept raising its temperature in a normal temperature of the pressure of the atmosphere.
In order to use the fermentation heat alone and effectively, prototype machine was insulated from outside heat and sealed like an airtight containers. The result of the machine was that it was possible to exceed 100 degrees C and reappearance and reproduce of the same result was very easy.
From this result, we proved that a kitchen garbage fermentation machine would be improved to high speed decomposing fermentation machine, technically. And our next purpose is that in order to advance tha general knowledge of fermentation technology and common sense, we try to prove below,

1. a possibility of high speed decomposing fermentation machine and process, and,
2. an usage for an orgenic waste decomposition and fermentation.

The Outcomes of Research

1.Products and Prototype machine

2.Old records of a high heat living bacteria and a fermentation machine
1j Analysis of other company's machine (the perpendicular type)
(1)The relationship of a fermentation heat and kitchen garbage processing from 24 hours to 36 hours.
(2)The proof of the fermentation process that caused by a high heat living bacteria from 24 hours to 36 hours.
2j Analysis of our company's machine (the lower cone shape)
(1)Achievement of short time of fermentation decomposition with high heat living bacteria, (finished within 2 hours.)
(2)Analysis of a bacteria that causes a fermentation and decomposition
(3)Our compost.

3.High Speed Fermentation and Deconposition Machine with a High Heat Living Bacteria
1jOur Company's Machine under the insulated environment

2jAnalysis of Each Materials, alone and Adjustment of Moisture, and Bacteria that causes a fermentation
(1)A Sawdust (Decompoition of Cellulose)
(2)Kitchen Garbage and Left Overs of Daily Food (Organic Matters of High Rate Containment of Waterj
(3)A Carton Boxe
(‚S)A paper
3jEffectiveness of one time trial
(1)Total Quantity
(2)Total Quantity of Kitchen garbage
‚SjDifference Between One Time Only Trial and Stop and Go trial
(1)Four Times
(2)Six Times
‚TjAnalysis of a Complete Sealed and Insulated Condition
(1)Achieved over 100 degrees C fermentation heat
(2)Culture with over 100 degrees C fermentation heat
(3)Fermentation heat and pressure in a machine tub
(‚S)48 hours observation of sealing fermentation

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